Monday, November 3, 2014

Remarkable Lake County -- Lake Erie College Part I

Lake Erie College is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the Western Reserve.  Founded in 1856 as the Lake Erie Female Seminary, College Hall was completed in 1857 and by 1859 over 137 ladies were enrolled in what is today known as Lake Erie College.  To date over 10,000 graduates comprise the ongoing history that is found on this Lake County campus.  Today we examine some of more interesting facts / happenings from the past decades of the college's timeline.
  • 1861  Students walked to the Painesville Railroad Station to catch a glimpse and listen to a speech from  President Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1880  President-elect James A. Garfield and family were dined and entertained on campus.
  • 1893  President William McKinley visited campus.
  • 1915  Former President Howard Taft visited and spoke to students on campus.
  • 1927  A Skinner Organ valued at $51,000 and the largest of its kind in the State of Ohio was installed at Morley Memorial Music Hall.
  • 1935  Night Classes begin.
  • 1935  Aviation becomes a part of the college curriculum.
  • 1936  Amelia Earhart spoke on campus.
  • 1937  The Cleveland Rams professional football team uses the campus fields for practices.
  • 1940  Three women aviators earn degrees and licensure.
  • 1951  The Mathews House is moved onto the campus at a cost of $21,000.
  • 1951  A nursing program is added to the college curriculum.
  • 1959  The first male graduate, Robert B. Lapp is awarded a degree  ( two brothers did attend the college decades earlier).
  • 1976  Anthropologist Margaret Mead visited campus.
  • 1978  Weekend College is established.
  • 1985  The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions come to campus to perform and train.
  • 2004  The Indian Museum (Lake County) celebrated 24 years as part of the campus community.  In 2014 the museum may be found in downtown Willoughby.
  • Since 2010  Expanded athletic programs / facilities, various campus housing opportunities, unique donor gifts as well as off campus partnerships with the City of Painesville infuse the college experiences for future graduates with new possibilities.
Next week -  Lake Erie College Traditions

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