Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remarkable Lake County --- Lake Erie College Part II

In a previous entry last week the history of Lake Erie College was examined.  As we continue to celebrate the history that is our county, we look again at one of the Western Reserve's oldest higher education institutions Lake Erie College and the traditions that have shaped the college throughout the years.  Some of the more notable ones are shared below...

Founders Day -  The oldest tradition on campus began on November 8, 1894.  The day pays tribute to the six men who began the school, nurtured it throughout its beginning years, and even sent their daughters there.  The six founders were William L. Perkins, Charles A. Avery, Reuben Hitchcock, Aaron Wilcox, Timothy Rockwell and Silas T. Ladd.  All six are buried nearby at Evergreen Cemetery in Painesville.

Mountain Day - This tradition began in the fall of 1903.  Bagpipes at 6am informed students of this new campus holiday.  Founder Charles A. Avery made available his Little Mountain Hotel property to all the students for a day of relaxation and shared fun.

Tiberius I-IV  -  A quiet sentinel now guards Lake Erie College and is a part of campus athletic lore.  The four foot canine statue was originally located in the City Park near the County Court House.  Tiberius I arrived in 1910 as a gift from Harriet Young.  In the 1950's students from Case Western Reserve University kidnapped the campus mascot and he was lost forever.  In 1975, Tiberius II arrived from upstate NY where this exact duplicate was found in an antique shop.  Unfortunately vandalism in 1984 left Tiberius II in shambles.  Tiberius III was a gift in 2004 and housed in a gazebo.  Tiberius IV arrived in 2008 and sits on the original base where he guards the campus as well as brings 'good luck' to the athletic teams who rub his pate.

Senior Week -  Common to many a campus, this week before commencement allows seniors one last opportunity to share in cookouts, local winery visits, Cleveland Indians games, visits to the President's residence and other social events.

Stormy -  Every campus has its mascot.  Stormy arrived in 1994 via student selection and became the fourth official college mascot.  Earlier mascots included a dog, lightning bolt and unicorn.

Other campus traditions may be found at  These include honors convocation, class receptions and commencement.  New traditions are in the making.

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