Friday, April 25, 2014

Remarkable Lake County - Lake Metroparks-opoly (Part II)

The previous entry detailed the start of Lake County's crown jewel - its Metroparks system.  What began in 1958 as an attempt to set aside and preserve land / natural resources for future generations has blossomed into a county-wide conservancy that remains vibrant to this day.  Nearly three million visitors total embrace the opportunities each park property offers.  Today we challenge you to a brief trivia contest of various Lake Metroparks sites history.

Name the Park Property:

1.  Located on Dock Road, this creek property featured a 19th c. shipbuilding history, UGRR terminus, and early pioneer industry - sawmill and iron ore.

2.  The namesake purchased this 390 acre site in 1949.  Sandstone from its Quarry Pond provided building materials to many county landmarks including the Kirtland Temple (1831).  A ski center is also located on its grounds today.

3.  The Eber Howe home is situated on this park property.  Eber Howe was the founder of the Painesville Telegraph (1822-1976) and a noted county abolitionist and UGRR conductor.

4.  This  'Pond'  occupies 19 acres and was constructed between 1947-1951.  Pete was well known in Wickliffe lore.

5.  The 'Gorge' and 'Horse Barn' from the summer home of Maude Dolittle- teacher to the Halle Family children are key points of local history on this park site.

6.  Bald Eagles, Merlin, and smallmouth salamander are some of the rare finds of this 600 acre site located in nearby Perry.  Lake snowshoe hikes were possible this past winter.  An observation tower is planned for 2014.

7.  John Burroughs founded a club of naturalists in 1916.  By 1925, the Burroughs Club had made this site known around many conservancy circles on a grand scale.

8.  Samuel Huntington, the third Governor of Ohio and noted Ohio Justice once called this property his home.  In 1953 it was deeded over to the village and by 1990 was managed by the park system.

9.  This country estate mansion of Spanish Motif was once part of Millionaire's Row in Wickliffe.

10.  Located in Leroy Twp. this park property features a 360 million year old Chagrin Shale Cliff.

Issue 3 - Preserve Lake Metroparks is a renewal levy on May 6th that guarantees access to our park system for future generations.

1.  Arcola Creek  2. Chapin Forest Reservation  3. Big Creek at Liberty Hollow  4. Pete's Pond  5.  Penitentiary Glen Reservation  6.  Lake Erie Bluffs  7. Gully Brook  8. Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park  9.  Pine Ridge Golf Course  10. Hell Hollow

Monday, April 21, 2014

Remarkable Lake County: History of Lake Metroparks Part I

The year was 1958.  Citizens of Ohio's smallest county met and began a groundswell movement to set aside land for future parks.  Conservation and preservation of county natural resources became the founding principles of this movement.  Using the legal authority found in Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code, Lake Metroparks was formed.  Like many other park systems throughout the United States, the Metroparks uses a presiding Probate Judge format. Current Judge Mark Bartolotta appoints a three-member board of citizens to govern the county park system.  None are compensated and they in turn appoint an Executive Director who functions as the CEO for the entire park district.  Current park commissioners are Gretchen Skok DiSanto, Dennis E. Eckart and Frank J. Polivka.  Paul Palagyi is the 2014 Executive Director.

Lake Metroparks is comprised of portions of two state designated wild and scenic rivers, various watersheds and open space as well as many tributaries.   An agricultural based park, an environmental learning center, a lake based beach property, golf courses, ski center, wildlife trails and outdoor recreational properties highlight their holdings.  Nearly three million visitors avail themselves to the unique park system which is found in NE Ohio's best kept secret - Lake County!

Issue 3 - Preserve Lake County Metroparks is up for vote May 6th.  This renewal levy is not a tax increase, rather it serves to guarantee that the vision from 1958 continues for the next generation of county residents.

Current Park Locations:
Arcola Creek Park - Madison
Beaty Landing - Painesville
Baker Road Park - Leroy Twp.
Chapin Forest Reservation - Kirtland
Chagrin River Park - Willoughby
Concord Woods Nature Park - concord Twp.
Environmental Learning Center - Concord Twp.
Erie Shores - Madison
Fairport Harbor Lake Front Park - Fairport Harbor
Farmpark - Kirtland
Gully Brook Park - Willoughby Hills
Grand River Landing - Fairport Harbor
Girdled Road Reservation - Concord Twp.
Greenway Corridor - Painesville Twp.
Hell Hollow - Leroy Twp.
Hidden Lake - Leroy Twp.
Hogback Ridge - Madison Twp.
Hidden Valley Park - Madison Twp.
Helen Hazen Wyman Park - Painesville
Indian Point Park - Leroy Twp.
Lake Erie Bluffs - Perry
Big Creek at Liberty Hollow - Concord Twp.
Lakefront Lodge - Willowick
Lakeshore Reservation - North Perry
Mason's Landing Park - Perry Twp.
Parsons Gardens - Willoughby
Penitentiary Glen Reservation - Kirtland
Pete's Pond - Wickliffe
Pine Ridge - Wickliffe
Painesville Twp. Park - Painesville Twp.
Pleasant Valley Park - Willoughby Hills
River Road Park - Madison Twp.
Riverview Park - Madison Twp.
Children's Schoolhouse - Kirtland Hills
Veterans Park - Mentor

Monday, April 14, 2014

Remarkable Lake County - Notable Homes & Landmarks

Ohio's smallest county with the most history officially began on March 6, 1840.  Eighteen municipalities, five townships and some other entities comprise our current county.  Some municipalities like Mentor, Willoughby, Painesville, Madison, Perry and Wickliffe are well traveled.  Others communities such as Grand River, Timberlake, Waite Hill and LeRoy are not as well known or common by-ways.  Today I challenge our readers to match the municipality, city or township with one of its historical landmarks.  Do you know their histories?  All have been featured in Local Lore by Max over the years.

1.  Dr. John Mathews' House                                  a.  located on Little Mountain Road in  Kirtland Hills
2.  Uri Seeley House                                               b.  Civil War General and RR contractor lived at 436 Casement in Painesville
3.  Claud Foster House                                           c.  Inventor lived at 30333 Lake Shore Blvd residence in Willowick
4.  Harry Coulby Mansion                                      d.  noted abolitionist resided at 969 RiversideDrive in Painesville
5.  Edward W. Moore Estate                                   e.  Eleanore Roosevelt visited this Kirtland home now part of a college campus
6.  Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Estate                              f.  built in 1825 by J. Goldsmith, home to 14 keepers in its 100 year history
7.  Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR Depot   g.  shipping magnate and Wickliffe Mayor lived this 28730 Ridge Road address
8.  Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR Depot / Freight
                                                                               h.  located on Railroad Street in Painesville, it began in 1893 and was in use thru'71
9.  Grand River Lighthouse at Grandon               
                                                                               i.  8445 Station Street in Mentor
10.  Casement House                                             j.  built in 1829 on North State St., it was moved to 309 W. Washington St. on  the                                                                                                                               Lake Erie College campus

key:  1. J   2. D   3. C   4. G   5. E   6. A   7. H   8. I   9. F   10. B