Monday, October 27, 2014

Remarkable Lake County -- A- Haunting We Will Go Part V- The Finale

As 'All Hollows Eve' looms on the horizon, our last installment of A-Haunting We Will Go looks at three sites in Painesville not quite as well-known as some of their Mentor Avenue counterparts.  However Mistress Suzanne and Mrs. Morley have nothing on these haunted spirits.  These three tales may or may not true - it depends on how you chose to explain these unexplained occurrences.

The Carroll Avenue Residence - Built in 1945 above a former Civil War encampment this home is said to be haunted by its former residents.  Mr. Olmstand met his untimely death in the bathroom.  Mrs. Olmstand met her fate on the cellar steps.  Mrs. Olmstand is known to haunt the attic sewing room and the kitchen stove area.  Mr. Olmstand can be seen in the proximity of the bathroom.  Additionally three Civil War soldiers have been seen in the basement.

Monroe Blvd. House - The house is reported abandoned but attic ghosts have been seen at night.  The ghosts are said to call to visitors and lights mysteriously go on and off on random nights.

North St. Clair Bridge -  Snake Bite Scroggs was an infamous local fisherman.  Known by the locals, he is reported to have killed a young couple on the bridge one day when they wandered too close to his fishing hole.  Fishermen and locals have reported their appearances over the years as they pass by the bridge.

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