Monday, October 6, 2014

Remarkable Lake County -- A-Haunting We Will Go Part II

Today we look at one of the Western Reserve's oldest institutions for higher learning - Lake Erie College.  Founded in 1856, it was in 1859 that a Lake Erie Seminary accepted its first class of 137 women.  Since that date over 10,000 students have graduated from this Lake County college campus.  Some students though still remain on campus and have left their mark even to this day.  One wonders if Tiberius, the quiet four foot canine mascot has witnessed those who still frequent some of the campus buildings today.  Let's share the the ghost stories that are part of Lake Erie College lore.

College Hall - Stephanie, a student who attended in the 1800's is perhaps the most well known and oft-reported sighting on campus.  An affair with a campus professor left her in a family way.  Jilted by her lover, Stephanie hung herself from the fourth floor belltower.  She has been seen throughout the years roaming the top floor of the hall.  Not even ending all access to this upper floor has proven effective in diminishing her sightings.

Morley Music Hall - One of the college's signature buildings early on, it is said to be haunted by Mrs. Morley.  She has been seen in her white flowing gown on the stairs of the music hall by many former students.  It is even reported that College Hall's Stephanie visits through a parlor mirror at times.

Kilcawley Dorm -  Toilets flush themselves and sinks filled with water show reflections of a young woman's figure are the two most commonly reported occurrences in this dorm.

Fowler Dorm - A brown haired female who passed many years ago is often seen standing next to students in dorm mirrors.

Andrews Dorm -  Mary Evans, a former president is said to wander the site.  Her poltergeist rattlings and tossing items from shelves are still reported by students today.

Fine Arts Building -  A man with dark tough skin is said to frequent the theater's green room.  Students have reported feeling surrounded or uncomfortable as if someone invaded their space.

As with all things that go bump in the night, some events are proven to be genuine while others fall under the category of local lore.  Lake Erie College is just another chapter in the haunted history of Ohio's smallest county.  If you missed the ghostly campus tour today, remember to visit the Painesville campus next October when another evening tour of these supernatural tales is certain to be once again in the offering.

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