Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'The Big Party' - Chardon at 200

Bicentennials don't happen very often.  Yet in 2012 two communities are celebrating just such an event.  One in Lake County has been well documented.  The other in Geauga County kicks off a major event in just over a week.  Chardon, Ohio founded in 1812 by early pioneer Capt. Edward Paine Jr will host its 'Big Party' July 27, 28, 29.  The weekend includes an Ecumenical Gathering on Thursday.  Friday the 27th kicks-off the celebration with a band concert in the Park.  Saturday the 28th will feature opening activities, also in the Park, as well as an Ox Roast.  Sunday the 29th will feature Activities on the Square from 1-6pm.  A parade is scheduled for 3pm and Fireworks at Dusk conclude this gala event, 200 years in the making.

                                  Chardon - A Brief History

1795-1848 saw the era of the early pioneers.  Traveling the Western Reserve and part of the Connecticut Land Company sojourns into Ohio, Capt. Edward Paine Jr. built his log cabin and founded what became known as Chardon.  Serving in various governmental capacities, Paine helped establish the initial footprint of the city that is still seen today.  The Girdled Road projects of the later 1800's helped assure Chardon a key role in N.E. Ohio history.  Chardon experienced its most rapid growth from 1808-1848 and modeled itself after the New England town format.  Chardon Square today still maintains this architectural style.  A Great Fire in July 1868 destroyed much of the early footprint but a rebuild from 1868-1870 restored much of the original look and feel to the town.  An emphasis on education and continued growth continued throughout the 20th century and Chardon continues to celebrate its contributions, past and present each day.

Chardon invites you to its 'Big Party' next week.  Remember 200 year old birthday parties don't occur very often.  Come and witness a unique piece of history.  Need more information, e-mail your request to or visit their website

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