Monday, July 2, 2012

20th Century Presidential Home To Host Unique July Programs

Eight of our Fourty-Four Presidents hail from Ohio.  Five were Officers/Generals in the Civil War.  One was the last to be born in a log cabin.  He hailed from Moreland Hills and served as college president at what is today known as Hiram College.  In 1876 this Congressman purchased a small farm in Mentor.  Too small to house his five kids, wife and mother he had additions built from the onset.  His home 'Lawnfield' was ready by 1880.  In a twist of fate, he attended the Chicago National Convention to nominate fellow Ohioan John Sherman for President.  Thirty-six ballots later he was the Presidential Candidate.  This Presidential Candidate's 'front porch' became famous as he campaigned on it to thousands of visitors.  This U.S. President, from Mentor was assasinated only months after his election.  James A. Garfield is this 20th U.S. President.  His home is a National Historic Site. Located on Mentor Avenue it is open to the public.  In addition to viewing Garfield's home and trappings, 'Lawnfield' hosts several unique events each year.  Two are coming up in the next weeks. Both will be held at Garfield's last private residence.

July 7th -  A Naturalization Ceremony will be held at 10am.  This uniquely American Ceremony will be hosted by the League of Women Voters, Citizenship & Immigration Services (Homeland Security), and the U.S. District Court of Northern, Ohio.  A Behind the Scenes Private Tour of the Garfield Farm will follow at 11am.  The public is invited to both events.

July 14th - A Civil War Encampment will be on the grounds from 11am-4pm.  Displays, demonstrations, re-enactors, and vendors will be on hand.  A Mini-Militia Drill for children will be offered at 1pm.  Both programs are part of Civil War Ohio's 150th Anniversary.

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