Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Bicentennial Moment: Do You Remember These Businesses?

Fairport's Bicentennial Year has passed the midway point.  Community programs have featured the village's early history, schools & athletes, and the annual 'Mardi Gras' celebration.  To date a Party in the Park, Lighthouse Lantern Launch, Ecumenical Concert, and Boat Parade have added to this historical celebration.  As the second half of 2012 unfolds three programs will inform the community about other signature moments in their history.  Today we ask the question " Do You Remember These Fairport Businesses?"  August's program will recall many of these merchants.  Until then do you recall -

The North Star Dairy Co.
E.E.Lawrence & Co.
A&P Store - John Lintala, Prop.
Rogat Hardware Company
Guraly's Restaurant Inc.
Lyric Lake & Park Theaters

Isalay's Dairy Store - Roy Hersman, Mgr.
Bread & Butter Food Shop - John Laitenen, Prop.
Ray's Paint & Wallpaper Store - M/M Ray Toivonen
Ameen's Confectionary - George Ameen, Prop.
Suomi Beverage Co. - John Juhola

Colgrove's Drug Store - M.S. Colgrove, Prop.
Paul's Barber Shop - George Paul, Prop.
The Fashion Shop - Mary Turbok
J.V. Sirola Tailor
Kamenar MobilGas Station
Potti Bros. Funeral Home
Oscar Ruusten Jewelers
Parkway Service Station - M/M Nyle Schuster

Ben Franklin Store
Beacon Market
Kitty & Jigg's Cafe
Kanyuh's Tavern
Ann's Food Store - Ann Goblowsky, Prop.

Buckeye Dairy Co. - M.E. Liimakka Family
Fairport Beacon Neal Printing
Blue Room Beauty Salon - Helen and Betty Sabo
Gottwig's Restaurant - M/M Ed Gottwig

Redz' Barber Shop
Coleman Photo Service
Stropkey Stores - Mrs. Steve Stropkey, Sr., Prop.
Newcomb's Service Station
Tschuor Electric and Hardware
Gulfair Service Center - Thomas Millonzi, Prop.

Toubmans The Big Store
Michael Paul's Barber Shop
A.J. Simon Store
Mulqueeny Bros. Funeral Home
Kapel Winery
Hill's Hardware - F. Oscar Hill, Prop.

Mackey's Self Service - M/M Ben Mackey
J.A. Kortesmaki
Fairport Furniture Company
John G. Resetar
Johnny & Myrt's Sweet Shop - M/M John Kolesar

Hilberg's Market - John Hilberg, Prop.
Ed's Bakery
Bell's Restaurant
Rasmussen Deli
A.J. McCrone Co.

M. Kangas
Vendeley's Restaurant
Michael's Restaurant - Michael Wayner, Prop.
Butterfield's Billiards
Fairport Restaurant

Thall's Shoe Store
Mack's Cafe
Lunka's Cafe - M/M Tony Lunka
Allan R. Pohto, D.D.S.
Lake Barber Shop - R.A. Lake, Prop.

This is a thoroughly incomplete list of businesses.  Those mentioned reflect only a small portion gleaned from photo compilations and local history books about Fairport Harbor.

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