Monday, June 18, 2012

Lake County Remembers The War of 1812 - Anniversary Program Today

Today marks the start of the War of 1812.  Primarily involving the U.S. and Great Britain, the war covered three years in our history.  Ohio furnished 1759 officers and 24,521 enlisted men during this period.  Although fought primarily in Ohio's Northwest ( The Battle of Fort Meigs and The Battle of Lake Erie), Lake County like many other Ohio communities indirectly gained from this skirmish.  The War's impact on Ohio created new towns, spurred new settlements and cemented cultural and geographical boundaries that still exist today.  Perry Township in Lake County was founded on July 1, 1815.  The township took its name after Commodore Perry.  Pieces of Perry's flagship 'Lawrence' as well as archival photos/ signage of the 'Brig Niagara' may be found in Fairport's Lighthouse and Marine Museum. Other local Lake County historical societies have some stories to share about the events stemming from years 1812-1815.

Today at 11:30am at the Gazebo on the Square in Painesville a Bicentennial Salute to the War of 1812 will occur.  President Madison's Declaration of War, a presentation of Colors (15 star U.S. Flag), and ringing of the County bicentennial Bell highlight the ceremony.  This 30 minute program, part of a statewide program for today will include comments from County Commissioners as well as Lynn Vandevort of the Lake County History Center.

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