Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Bicentennial Moment: Fairport Harbor Hometown Sketches - Daniel Babcock & Captain H.D. Ingraham

Fairport Harbor's Men of the Sea are endless.  Previous blogs have shared the histories of Frenchy the Pirate, Tom 'Sundown' Bowden, Capt. J. Babcock, G.F. Babcock, and Capt. Edward Stange among others.  Today's hometown sketches feature two more local mariners.

                                                  Keeper Daniel Babcock

Daniel Babcock was the last lighthouse keeper of the Grand River Lighthouse at Fairport.  The son of Capt. Joseph C. Babcock, he was born in the residence of the lighthouse and passed away in 1936 at his Third Street home.  Daniel Babcock was asst. keeper of the lighthouse, working under his famous father from 1901 until 1919.  From 1919 through 1925 when the lighthouse was decommissioned, he served as keeper of the lighthouse.  Daniel and his father Joseph took care of the lighthouse continuously during its entire time of service.  These two Babcock men turned on the light and watched it burn for over a half-century and then extinguished it for all time.  Both the lighthouse and dwelling remain today as a museum and tribute to their place in maritime history.

                                               Captain H.D. Ingraham

The late Capt. Ingraham was a member of one of Fairport's pioneer families.  Born in 1854, his passing 79 years later is still remembered in the village history and at the local lighthouse.  Ingraham's father, born in the village in 1832, was a vessel owner and builder.  In 1889 H.D. went into the service of the American Transportation Company at Fairport.  He looked after the interests of tugs and piloted them as needs arose.  He is best remembered for his many years on the Lake aboard his tug 'Annie'.

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