Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bicentennial Moment: Anchored in Community - Fairport Men's Civic Club

Fairport Harbor's residents have always been anchored in community.  From unwavering support of their schools to their annual Mardi Gras parade, community and cultural programming remain relevant in their village.  Of the many organizations in Fairport Harbor that still exist, one, The Fairport Men's Civic Club continues to provide unselfish service to the community.

The Civic Club celebrates its 87th year of existence in 2012.  Founded February 12, 1925 by a group of men who felt Fairport needed a men's club not bound by politics or religious principles, they gathered in room 2 of Harding High with their sole aim being service in the best interest of all community members.  Thirty-five charter members comprised the initial club roster.  Mr. H. Marshall became the first president.  Other notable names in this original group still dot Fairport's landscape.  They include V. Congos, G. Gedeon, M.C.Helm, E.E.Lawrence Jr., J.Pohto, T.Lintala, and Wm. Kivimaki.  The Civic Club's main endeavours have been and continue to be donating to various charities, sponsoring scouting, offering scholarships, and promoting varied entertainment events for the community.  In excess of $300 annually has been donated to these endeavours.  Organizations such as The United Fund, American Cancer Society, and Christmas Seals have received gifts.  The local school athletic department has received gifts in kind while club members have donated to specific village causes on an ad hoc basis.  Student scholarships are an annual priority.

'Anchored in Community' is a familiar phrase heard in Fairport Harbor.  Listed below is but a brief retrospect of projects the civic club has piloted.  A thoroughly incomplete listing of their random acts of kindness includes-
  • Sponsored a Carnival to support the Fairport Band -1925
  • Donated to Red Cross and Boy Scouts -1926
  • Cleaned up beach and reseeded park.  Replaced park benches-1927
  • Constructed baseball diamond on high Street-1930
  • Donated to new football stadium, established Milk Fund for needy-1931
  • Placed bronze tablet at lighthouse-1933
  • Sponsored display of Fairport at Great Lakes Exposition-1936
  • Helped establish swim and rescue programs at YMCA-1938
  • Aided Civilian Defense Program-1942
  • Sponsored Victory Gardens-1945
  • Continued support of Mardi Gras-1946
  • Supported Christmas Lighthing and Concert for village-1949
  • Held Halloween Circus Masquerade at Harding High-1952
  • Honored Pearl Killinen-1956
  • Purchased wheelchairs for village residents-1959
  • Supported 'Skippies'-1960
  • Supported McKinley Safety Patrol-1964
  • Erected Village Bulletin Board-1967
  • Sponsored Monte Carlo Night-1972
  • Joint project provided a bus for Senior Center-1975
  • scholarships to FHS students-all years
With this kind of unselfish service to its community, the volunteer members of Fairport Men's Civic Club remain anchored in the history of Fairport Harbor.  2012 marks the 87th year of their existence, residents with a desire to serve their community are welcome to join.  For more information, contact Village Hall or visit

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