Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lake County mini-profile - " The World's Greatest Light Car"

The 1913 Automobile Journal hailed the Vulcan as "The World's Greatest Light Car."  The two passenger Speedster or the 5 passenger Touring model were the only two vehicles manufactured by the Vulcan Mfg. Company, Lock Box PJ 477, Painesville, Ohio.  Production lasted for only two years 1913 and 1914.  A Vulcan Power Wagon Truck was produced in 1915 under license by Driggs-Seabury.  A June 13, 2015 Cleveland All-Star Car Show held at Ursuline College featured the only known surviving Vulcan.

Surviving vehicle literature provide these specs.  The two passenger Speedster, Model 27 sold for $750. The Speedster had a maximum horsepower of 27.  The five passenger Touring Model cost $850 in 1913.  It featured a 4 cylinder L-head motor that generated 33 horsepower.  It featured three foward speeds and reverse.  A 120 inch wheelbase allowed for a 15 foot turning radius.  In 1914 with accessories the cars cost increased to $925 and $975 respectively.  Accessories included an ignition, lights and generator.  The Lake County company called Painesville home for most things Vulcan although some sources claim all cars were built in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Two county  car history enthusiasts have donated items to the Lake County History Center located on Riverside Drive in Painesville.  A Vulcan radiator is on site from the restored car collection of Painesville's Tony Torre.  Also an impressive 3 ring binder of photos, articles and more was provided by Ken Gladyszewski.  Once again Ohio's smallest county has stepped to the forefront with the most history - this time automotive based.

As more sources become available, this article will be updated.
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