Thursday, October 13, 2016

" You Might Be From Lake County If..."

Every county, community, structure or location has its facts, local lore, foibles and such.  Today's families are much more transient in their lifetime and being anchored in community is not what it once was.  Today we challenge your general 'County IQ' in the first of a series entitled "You Might Be From Lake County If..."

1. Where were these two Lake Shore Resorts located?  Linden Beach, Shore Club

2.  What town was the site of the Griffith Disaster (June 16, 1850) and do you know the story?  A historical marker shares the tale at the site.

3.  Have you visited the Old Stone School (1840) and do you know the name of the lady who was a student,  a teacher and a homeowner there during her lifetime?  This one-room schoolhouse is located on Ravenna Road in Concord Township.

4.  Where is Arcole Furnance?  What two famous county residents from the 1800s were the owners of this important business?  A historical marker is located on the site.

5.  Wickliffe is known as the City of Millionaires.  Do you know the names of at least four of these men who lived on Millionaire's Mile?

6.  Girdled Road has a storied history dating back to the Western Reserve Era.  Do you know the history?

7.  The Burroughs Club began in 1916.  Foundling members hailed from this county city?

8.  'Stop 47' and 'Stop 61' were daily occurrences from 1896-1926 if you traveled on this line?

9.  The 'Johnnycake Story' is part of this famous stagecoach stop history located at the corner of Rt. 84 & 44.  Do you know the tavern or story?

10.  Archibald Willard's famous painting 'The Spirit of '76' used these two local men as images for the fifer and drummer.  Do you know their names or home communities?

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  1. Where can I find the answers to these questions? I live on girdled rd. Next to cascade rd. Know a fair amount of the history hut love to hear anything new.... Annette terriaco