Thursday, October 20, 2016

" You Might Be From Lake County If..." Part II - Famous County Women

Lake County's famous women are known throughout the annals of our country and some of these notables garner world-wide name recognition.  How well do you know these women of our community's history?  Let's test your mettle!

1.  Known as 'Gramma G' to many, a 65 acre park is named after Mentor's only female mayor.  Name this pioneering lady.

2.  She was not only a female doctor (1920) but the passage of the 19th Amendment (1919) allowed her to become Ohio's first woman mayor.  She was elected Mayor of Fairport in 1921.  Name her.

3.  She was a graduate of Thomas Harvey High School in Painesville, taught at Champion JHS, became a WASP in 1942, barnstormer after WWII and female racing aviatrix.  Do you know 'Marge' by her given name?

4.  She met her husband in the 1850s when his railroad work caused him to seek right-of-way access thru her family homestead.  She was also a leading member of the women's suffrage movement.  What is her name?

5.  Oz's Wicked Witch was born in Cleveland and was an educator in Painesville and other places during her long and storied career.  What is Miss Gulch's real name?

6.  She grew up in Perry and in 1952 became the personal secretary to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Can you name her?

7.  In 1932 she became the head of the Disney Studio Animation Paint Department.  Do you know this Willoughby animation pioneer?

8.  She grew up in an aviation environment in Willoughby as a young girl.  Shortly after WWII she was the country's first certified woman master mechanic in the aviation field.  Name her.

9.  She was a student, teacher and later a resident at this 1840 one-room schoolhouse site in Concord Township.  What is her name?

10.  She graduated from Thomas Harvey High School, Ohio Wesleyan University and Lake Erie College.  This reknown aviatrix and Airpark owner from Concord Township is a Ohio 2016 Senior HOF inductee as well as a HOF member at  the International Women's Aviation and Space Museum.  Name this notable township resident and current trustee.

answers-  1. Eleanor B. Garfield  2.  Dr. Amy Kaukonen  3.  Margaret Hurlburt  4.  Frances Jennings Casement  5.  Margaret Hamilton  6.  Ann C. Whitman  7.  Grace Bailey  8.  Pat Hange  9.  Elga Pomeroy  10.  Connie Luhta

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