Monday, July 7, 2014

Remarkable Lake County -- Fairport-opoly

Ohio's smallest county came into being in 1840 and in 2014 remains at the epicenter of both early American History and that of the Western Reserve.  Each community has its own histories and personalities to share.  Today we examine one of Lake County's best kept secrets - Fairport Harbor.  Take the challenge and see how much you know about this Grand River community.

1.  The name Fairport first appeared in 1836.  'Harbor' was added in 1959.  Fairport Harbor was not the original name in 1812 when the first settlers named this community.  What is the first name on record for Fairport Harbor?

2.  Founded in 1945, the all-volunteer Fairport Harbor Historical Society has preserved the history and sentiment of the village and Great Lakes maritime history at this museum site for the last 69 years.  Name this marine museum.

3.  From 1912-1976 the chemical corridor stretched from Toledo to upstate New York and this industrial plant located in a portion of Fairport was known throughout the U.S.  Name this plant...

4.  One of Fairport's most colorful personalities was Frenchy 'the Pirate' Thompson.  Local Lore had him washing ashore sometime in the 1800's and found dead in his Huntington Beach shack in 1914.  What product did Frenchy sell by cart to make a living?

5.  A bubbling brew just offshore Fairport's beach has become part of Native American legend dating back 400 years as well as Fairport fishermen lore from the 1890's.  What is the common name of this famous legend?

6.  Madison and Fairport were leading ports and shipbuilding sites in the 1800's.  In fact, over 52 vessels are documented as being built in these two communities.  What schooner was built in Fairport in 1845 and remains a staple on Lake Erie waters today?

7.  This Finnish woman of strict cultural upbringing was not only a medical doctor but the first woman mayor in Ohio and perhaps the U.S. She was elected Mayor of Fairport in 1921 and defeated William Stange by 75 votes.  Name her...

8.  This museum began in 2002 in the former building that served as a village senior center, police station, jail, fire station and village hall.  Name the cultural organization or museum that now occupies this site.

9.  This site located on the west side of the Grand River arrived in 1921 from Buffalo, New York and was commissioned in 1925.  Since 2012 it became a private residence.  Name the structure...

10.  This WWII and Korean War flying ace served in the RCAF and USAF and is the most decorated ace in our country and the UK.  Name this famous Fairport graduate and resident.

Answers -  1. Grandon  2.  Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum  3.  Diamond Alkali / Diamond Shamrock  4.  water   5.  Big Water God   6.  Madeline   7.  Dr. Amy Kaukonen  8.  Finnish Heritage Museum   9.  West Breakwater Lighthouse   10.  Donald Blakeslee

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