Monday, July 1, 2013

'Chautauqua' -- When Ohio was the Western Frontier

'Chautauqua' had its origins in 1874 and was a popular education movement that garnered steam by the 1920s'.  Founded on Chautauqua Lake in New York, it was designed for entire families and featured speakers, music, and other unique programming.  Its popularity soon spread and has remained to this day.  Experience history at its finest July 2-6, 2013 when Ohio Chautauqua settles at Stanton Park in Madison Twp.  For five days family activities will fill the day and it is all free for the taking.  The theme is 'When Ohio was the Western Frontier'.  Daytime workshops will be followed by music at 6:30pm and evening performances starting at 7:30pm

As you take a step back in time, you will come face to face with Ohio history.  A scholar in costume and character will recreate the unmatched history that wandered our county roads and by-ways.  Naturalist and folk hero Johnny Appleseed, Iroquois leader Chief John Logan,  and Lewis and Clark member York are featured this week.  Frontier Aristocrat Margaret Blennerhasset will be on hand to share her most interesting story.  Her journey from England to America was noteworthy alone.  Seems her alliance with Aaron Burr caused another ripple in time.  The last first person performer is especially important in 2013 as it is the 200th anniversary of his signature event on Lake Erie.  History knows him as Oliver Hazard Perry.  Lake County recalls him well as Perry and Fairport Harbor's Historical societies can attest.

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