Monday, February 25, 2013

Lake County before Lake County - Part II A Brief Chronology since 1840

Lake County has a remarkable history.  As mentioned previously, it is Ohio's smallest county yet it witnessed the most history.  From early Native American tribes to the first settlers of the Western Reserve, our county has been at the forefront of early American history.  While the last blog examined Lake County before it became Lake County, this entry will highlight some of our county's history since its formation in 1840.

  • 1840-  Formation of Lake County, construction of Court House by public subscription.
  • 1841-  Death of General Edward Paine.
  • 1842-  Establishment of Genung Foundry in Madison.
  • 1845-  Madison Academy formed at Genung Corners, Madison. Fairport, Warren and Wellsville Stage Route instituted.
  • 1847-  Willoughby Female Seminary founded.
  • 1850-  Griffith Disaster off Willobeach Park.
  • 1852-  Coe&Wilkes founded in Painesville.
  • 1853-  Hadfield-Penfield Co. founded in Willoughby.
  • 1854-  Storrs & Harrison Nursery established in Painesville.
  • 1855-  Mentor incorporated.
  • 1857-  Painesville Fire destroys south side business blocks.
  • 1859-  Willoughby Collegiate Institute formed.
  • 1861-  Abraham Lincoln delivers speeches at depots in Willoughby, Mentor and Painesville.
  • 1865-  Painesville Library Association formed.
  • 1867-  Madison incorporated.  Cole Nursery founded.
  • 1870-  Madison Star published.
  • 1871-  Willoughby Library Society formed.
  • 1877-  Call Nursery established in Perry.
  • 1879-  Willoughby Independent begins dailies.
  • 1880-  James A. Garfield elected President.
  • 1881-  Garfield assassinated.
  • 1885-  Painesville Water Works installed.
  • 1888-  Richmond incorporated.
  • 1898-  Lake Erie Female Seminary chartered as a college.
  • 1902-  Painesville achieves city designation.
  • 1907-  New Court House built in downtown Painesville.
  • 1909-  Andrews School is formed.
  • 1912-  Diamond Alkali opens in Fairport.
  • 1912-  Mentor Fairgrounds opens.
  • 1913-  Incorporation of Perry.
  • 1914-  Incorporation of Wickliffe.
  • 1922-  Willoughby incorporated.
  • 1924-  North Perry incorporated.  
  • 1925-  Chagrin Reservation of Metropolitan Park system of Cleveland established.
  • 1926-  Incorporation of Kirtland Hills.
  • 1928-  Incorporation of Waite Hill Village.
  • 1929-  Lakeline Village incorporated.
The chronological listings above are very incomplete and serve as only a partial listing of some of the significant events in our county history.  Previous blogs have delved into the histories of the Halle Farm, Rockefeller and Coulby Estates in Wickliffe, Willoughby Medical College, UGRR sites, and the Mormon sites in Kirtland et al.  Individual detailed histories of county figures such as Thomas Harvey, Jonathon Goldsmith, 'Gramma G', Eber Howe, Dr. Amy Kaukonen, General Jack and Mrs. Frances Casement have been shared.  Sources for this topic and many others are gleaned from the archival libraries of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society and local history books.

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