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Lake County before Lake County - A Brief Chronology of Dates 1750-1840

Lake County is Ohio's smallest county with the most history.  Here are some notable dates from the early years.

  • 1750-  Charlton, French Trading Post, built at mouth of Chagrin River.
  • 1760-  Major Robert Rogers driven by storm enters mouth of Grand River.
  • 1796-  Moses Cleaveland surveys Western Reserve.
  • 1797-  Marsh settlement established by Charles Parker
  • 1798-  Settlement of Unionville by Col. Alexander Harper.  Settlement on Chagrin River by David Abbott.
  • 1800-  Settlement by J. Walworth and E. Paine on Grand River. First Grist Mill built by Abbott on Chagrin River.
  • 1801-  Blooming Grove (Walworth), Marsh Settlement, and Paine Settlement celebrate first Independents Day.
  • 1802- LeRoy settled by Col. Amassa Clapp.
  • 1803-  Town of New Market laid out by Capt. Abraham Skinner and Col. Eleazer Paine.  First mail route through county established.  Grist Mill built by Paine at Tiber Creek.
  • 1804-  First school, Abraham Tappen teacher
  • 1805-  Old Tavern built at Unionville by Spencer Shears.  Samuel Huntington purchases Blooming Grove from Walworth.
  • 1806-  First Tannery built in Champion.  first bridge built over Grand River at New Market.
  • 1807-  First wool mill established in Champion.
  • 1808-  First mill built in Champion.  Dr. John Mathews is the first physician in the county.  Settlement of Perry by Ezra Beebe.
  • 1809-  Chapintown (Madison) settled.
  • 1810-  Congregational Church in Painesville is organized.
  • 1811-  County seat is moved from Painesville to Chardon.
  • 1812-  Grandon (Fairport) is laid out at the mouth of the Grand River.  Log Cabin built by Joseph Rider.
  • 1815-  Formation of Mentor, Perry and Chagrin Townships.
  • 1817-  Settlement of Wickliffe.
  • 1818-  Rider Tavern erected on primary stagecoach path of the Reserve.
  • 1819-  Mentor Library Association formed.  Avery Place built by J. Goldsmith and L. Storrs.
  • 1821-  The Marshall and Seeley homes were built in Painesville by J. Goldsmith.
  • 1823-  Eber Howe establishes The Painesville Telegraph.
  • 1825-  Fairport Lighthouse is built by J. Goldsmith.  Arcola, Geauga and Railroad Furnances founded.
  • 1828-  First steamboat built at Madison Dock.
  • 1829-  Doctor Mathews home built by J. Goldsmith.
  • 1832-  Settlement of Richmond (Grand River) by Thomas Richmond of NY. Arrival of Mormons in Kirtland.  Painesville incorporated as a town.
  • 1834-  Willoughby Medical College founded.  Mormon Temple in Kirtland completed.
  • 1835-  Painesville-Fairport Railroad built by Goldsmith.
  • 1836-  Grandon is incorporated and is named Fairport.
  • 1837-  Mormons depart from Kirtland.
  • 1839-  Western Reserve Teachers Seminary established at site of Kirtland Temple.

Information gleaned from library files of the  Fairport Harbor Historical Society and Lake County Historical Society (Garfield Home).

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