Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fairport Harbor Remembers ...The Ultimate Sacrifice

In the center of the village park, a monument stands as a tribute to all those Fairporters who served their country.  Today's blog is a continuation of the May 24th entry.  As Veterans Day approaches, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Vietnam - Budd Hood

Korea - Mervin Norris, Amen P. Otto

WWII - Robert G. Aho, John B. Bodak, Arthur B. Congos, Delmar A. Gray, Wilho Hill, George E. Katila, Albert G. Kiika, Norman Luoma, Oswald E. Mackey, Edwin A. Minninen, Donald W. Mattson, Leighton P. McCormick, William S. Ode, David J. Orris, Delbert E. Pohto, Daniel J. Reboczi, Arthur R. Sekki, Arnold M. Stuuri, Joseph T. Svigel, John J. Toth, Jr., Steve Urban, Toivo Wasara

WWI -  John E. Cooper, Matt Jacobson, August M. Luoto, Thomas A. Praskis

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