Monday, November 26, 2012

A Blogger Celebrates 200

Today my fact finding journey throughout our county hits 200 entries.  If one hundred of anything seems to be viewed as an accomplishment, then two hundred means I have been around awhile.  It is my hope that while the vast ocean of literature and information now available digitally - via e-books, the Internet, etc. - offers one so many facts pertaining to any historical need, that I have been able to share with you in an abridged format the hidden gems and tid-bits of local lore that make Ohio's smallest county rise to the forefront of all others.  This smallest county located on the lake does indeed have the most history.

Favorite blogs revisited - I learn many interesting facts each time I research a topic.  While it is difficult to attach importance to any one topic, here are three from 2012 that I call favorites.

August 6, 2012 - Lake Erie, Eyewitness to History -  Our lake is our greatest ongoing resource and is often overlooked.  Lake Erie is just over 4000 years old and shares its history with Native American tribes and early pioneering history.  Louis Joliett, Colonel Talbot, Joesph Smith, LaSalle and many others called our shores home at one time or another.  Maritime commerce, prohibition era rum running, and iconic American industrialists all established roots in Lake County.

June 25, 2012 - 'Gramma G' -  Born in 1899 as Eleanor Borton, this first and only women mayor of Mentor is beloved in city history.  Eleanor (Barton) Garfield's record of accomplishment in the decade of the 1950's included the Route 2 transportation project, establishing Mentor Recreation Park, and pioneering Mentor's future business corridors.  As mayor, recorded tales even mention her painting city hall.  Her antique shop and home behind the Garfield Presidential House were popular stops by many of Mentor's leading families.

September 27, 2012 - Fairport Profiles - Donald Blakeslee - The Village of Fairport Harbor has a storied history that just this year celebrated 200 years.  Donald Blakeslee attended the local school there.  Upon graduation his love of flying and the events of history intersected.  In the annals of WWII history, his 500 combat missions and nearly 1000 hours of flight time stand atop the pinnacle of U.S. Air Force aviator history.  His storied career is widely recorded in two countries, the U.K. and U.S.

Seven Question Quiz from Yesteryear - (blogs 101-200)
1.  Which school first began from a log shanty erected by Peter French?
a. Thomas Harvey HS  b. Center Street School  c.  Willoughby Union HS  d.  Lake Erie College
2.  They arrived in 1938 and for the next 42 years became the first family of this city? - Their names were Dr. William J. Rucker and Mildred Rucker
a.  Madison  b. Painesville   c. LeRoy Township  d.  Kirtland
3.  This county landmark is celebrating its second century.  It was first located on Bank Street and was visited by our 41st President.  Name it
a. Hellreigels Inn  b. LC Fairgrounds  c. Rider's Inn   d.  Painesville Depot
4.  Captain Simeon Reynolds and his family had a road named after them (Rt. 306), built the Little Mountain House, and had many local farms.  What product made them famous?
a.  roses    b.  peppermint oil crop  c.  tree farms   d.  vineyard grapes
5.  Which is not a famous Ghost Story from Lake County?
a.  Melonheads  b.  Punderson Manor  c.  Blue Girl   d.  Fairport's ghost cat
6.  Caesar A. Graselli and Lammot duPont contributed to this commercial disaster in 1870 in Lake County?
a.  Arcola Creek Dock  b.  Fairport Nitro-glycerine Explosions   c.  Griffith Fire   d.  St. Clair Bridge collapse
7.  Mary A. Evans and Luella Bentley were the first principals in 1868 and led the school for 42 years.  Name the school?
a.  Center Street School  b. Lake Erie College  c. Andrews (Osborne) School  d.  Willoughby Medical College

Answers:  As my former students remember - all the answers are "B"

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