Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Programs to conclude Fairport's Bicentennial Celebration

Two programs will be the culminating pieces of the Grandon (1812), Fairport (1836), Fairport Harbor (1959) Bicentennial Celebration.  Past programs included an Ecumenical Concert, Village Birthday Party, Lighthouse Flying Lanterns Launch, Mardi Gras Boat Parade, Summer Party in the Park and numerous historical lectures.  Lecture topics profiled famous Fairporters, Harding High School, Village merchants and signature events.  Tonight will feature the seventh and final educational lecture series topic.  The Diamond Alkali and Docks will be tonight's subject.  Bill Branthoover, former Fairport Superintendent will be the keynote speaker.  The event begins at 7pm and will be held at the high school auditorium.  This coming Saturday will see a noon program officially end the celebration with a time capsule ceremony.  The Fairport School Band and Mayor will be featured celebrants.

                                      The Diamond Alkali and Ore Docks

For the majority of the 19th century, Fairport was a leading port for Lake Commerce and transportation.  In its hey-day the docks and warehouses located on Water Street handled over 3000 vessel's visits and nearly a million dollars in cargo annually.  French explorers, Native American Settlements, early Mormon History, Underground Railroad History, and other signature moments in Western Reserve History all met in Fairport at one time or another.  The rise of the Diamond Alkali site in 1912 enabled Fairport to be the epicenter of the 'Chemical Corridor' of the Northeast until 1976.  The Diamond's motto 'Chemicals You Can Liver By' truly resonated in Fairport's community history.

                                  Time Capsule Ceremony Ends Celebration

This Saturday at noon in the school auditorium will mark the end of a year-long tribute to the 200 year history of Fairport Harbor.  The school band and Village Mayor will preside over the event.  Family histories, Fairport Lighthouse and Historical Society contributions,  Finn Museum documents, Mayoral letters and village artifacts will be enclosed in a time capsule.  The sealed time capsule will then be stored for the next fifty years at the lighthouse museum. At the designated anniversary the future graduating seniors and first village bicentennial baby will revisit the capsule.

Thanks to all those community members who contributed to the 1812-2012 Celebration of Fairport Harbor.  Special thanks to Bicentennial Committee participants and co-chairs P. Spivak, M. Scruggs, members, E.Kangas, B. Lukshaw, C. Lipscomb, J. Ollila, K. Langford, P. Mackey, K. Paulino, D. Maxson.  Deep appreciation is extended to former Mayor F. Sarosy, current Mayor T. Manross and members of Village Council for their time and efforts in this endeavour.

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