Monday, October 15, 2012

The Ghost Stories of Lake County - Collegiate Ghosts of Painesville

Painesville has had a long history firmly rooted in the annals of Lake County history.  Edward Paine, General Jack Casement, architect Jonathan Goldsmith, U.S.Presidential visits, underground railroad stops, and a historic rail depot are but a handful of well chronicled places.  A walk through Evergreen Cemetery is a walk through an early American history book.  Every city also has its unexplained stories.  Today's chapter examines the alleged apparitions of Lake Erie College, Riders Inn, a bridge, and some other lesser known haunted sites .

Lake Erie College has six known stories of the supernatural kind.  Here is but a brief synopsis of the campus tales.  Andrews Dorm is said to be haunted by former President Mary Evans.  Her poltergeist has been confirmed by many former residents.  College Hall, the oldest building on campus has a ghost named Stephanie residing on the fourth floor.  Stephanie is rumored to have been killed in the belfry around 1800.  The fourth floor is now closed off, but Stephanie still peers out from her window.  The Fine Arts Building has its own apparition.  A ghostly man with dark skin has been seen there.  Also the 'Green Room' is alleged to be haunted by theater majors.  Fowler Dorm residents report the tale of a ghost appearing in the mirror.  This brown haired female specter is perhaps from the seminary era in its campus history.  Kilcawley Hall routinely has toilets flush for no reason and spectral visions appear when sinks are full according to those who live there.  The Morley Music Hall is home to Mrs. Morley, who is often seen wandering about in her white flowing gown.

Other Painesville Hauntings -  Riders Inn on Mentor Avenue has a long history associated with the property.  Two ghosts are commonplace to all who frequent the establishment.  Mistress Suzanne is reported to be a very genial hostess despite her circumstances.  She was killed by her third husband Joseph Rider.  The other spectral figure on the property is that of a Civil War soldier who once stopped there.  The Painesville Fairgrounds have had reports of children seen playing tricks on visitors in attendance.  The children perished in a 1964 fire on the property.  The North St. Clair Bridge has its ghost tale.  According to legend, Snake Bite Scroggs killed a young couple who ventured too near his fishing hole one day.  For some, their tragic hanging and Scrogg's presence is still felt to this day.  The Rite Aid Pharmacy sits on the former site of a local theater.  It is said spirits still haunt the site.  The former T.W. Harvey High School reported activities by former students on its premises.  Things falling, items being moved about, and whispers have been attributed to a student who tragically passed on school property in the early 1900's.  The Lake County Poorhouse on Riverside Drive is a Gothic style building with a basement jail.  Its story was told by A&E on November 7, 2010 with an episode entitled 'The Forgotten.'  The last two alleged ghost stories take place in residential homes.  The homes are located on Carroll Avenue and Monroe Blvd.  The locals can share these stories with you.

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  1. my sister goes there right now and she lives in andrews hall. there have been multiple incidents since aug. things from the lamps turning on after for sure being turned off and just today 9/9/16 a show box fell out of the closet with nothing to explain it. no fans no open windows no curtain on the closet nothing explainable. Andrews hall def something up.