Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Preserving the sands of time." - The Perry Historical Society of Lake County

history. n 1. the study of past events. 2. the past considered as a whole> the whole series of past events connected with someone or something. 3. a continuous, typically chronological, record of past events or trends.

Formed in 1992 to collect and preserve for future generations historic items that originated in Perry Township, North Perry, and Perry Village, the Perry Historical Society of Lake County and its volunteers have been "preserving the sands of time" for nearly two decades.  Located at the intersection of Center and Main Street, the society occupies the original 1875 Town Hall building.  On its front lawn sits the Ohio Historic Marker honoring Hugh Mosher, who was born in Perry and is the fifer in the iconic American Revolution painting the "Spirit of '76."  Inside the museum are items that include photographs, documents, letters, collectibles, clothing, and relics from Perry's early history as part of the Western Reserve experience.  Museum  exhibits are also on display at the Perry Public Library and the Tarbuck Center.  Members of the society disseminate knowledge about Perry and its snapshots in time in many ways.

The museum is open the second Saturday of each month from noon-4pm.  Society members meet at 10am the second Saturday of each month.  Tuesday mornings from 9:30-noon find work sessions in progress at the Manchester West School site.  The society produces a quarterly publication 'The Perry Heritage' highlighting important upcoming events, museum stories, and village memories.

Persons with questions, wishing to join, or volunteer their talents may reach the Perry Historical Society at 440-259-4541.

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