Monday, July 11, 2011

"Preserving the Heritage" - The Madison Historical Society

An earlier blog celebrated 200 years of Madison history.  Surveyed as early as 1795, Madison Township was formed in 1811.  Madison Village came into existence by 1867.  Over the course of these years Ellensburg, Cunningham Creek, Arcola Furnace, iron ore, Dock Road, abolitionism, and ship building added to the local color and history that is Madison, Ohio.  Another blog even featured Madison's own cartoonist Frederick Burr Opper, a pioneer in newspaper comics.

Since 1978, The Madison Historical Society has been preserving this heritage of Madison Township and Madison Village.  The society maintains a research library.  The society has garnered an extensive artifact collection.  The society offers programs of historical interest.  The society publishes The Times - a bi-monthly newsletter featured upcoming events and articles of historic interest.  A book on Madison (Arcadia Press) is also available from the society shoppe.

A current project of the Madison Historical Society and community residents is now underway.  They seek to preserve the historic Unionville Old Taverne.  Supporters are encouraged to vote online under the National Trust for Historic Preservation's "This Place Matters Community Challenge."  As you may recall, the Unionville Taverne was not only a famous stagecoach stop of the 1800's but also a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War era of history.

Those interested in upcoming society events or in joining the Madison Historical Society may contact them at P.O. Box 515 or call 440-417-1959.  The history of Madison is a living document, its past now celebrated, its present welcoming your participation.

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