Thursday, September 29, 2016

Still More Lake County Facts not found on the bottom of Snapple Bottle Caps

Continuing on a previous posted blog, here are another ten facts about our county not readily known by most residents.  Test your skills and see how many you know.  Better yet make a commitment to visit these notable county landmarks before 2016 ends.

1.  The Casement-Jennings House in Painesville built in the late 19th century has had only four owners, featured central heating and a/c, a first of the era and had Susan B. Anthony visit there often.

2.  The two oldest stone quarried homes in the county date back to 1840 and 1841 respectively.  The first is located on Ravenna Road and was a one-room schoolhouse.  The second building in Kirtland was once a farm homestead known as the Vineyard House and today is home to the Herb Society of America.  Both are open to visitors.

3.  Wayward spirits have been reported to inhabit several dorms, a music building and the main college hall on this Lake County college campus located on Mentor Avenue in Painesville.

4.  This City of Millionaires features the former homes or sites of Coulby, Squire, McKinney, Corrigan and Rockefeller.  Do you know these properties?

5.  October programs share the ghostly stories of Robbie Babcock and Sentinel the cat at this iconic lighthouse in Fairport Harbor.  Will you be attending the 7-9 pm program on October 18 or 25th?

6.  This barn theater is one of the few remaining in the country.   Located in Madison and dating back nearly 80 years, it features four live stage shows annually.  Jim Backus, Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman have performed there.

7.  The entrance to this famous summer home was located at an interurban stop that sat in front of the current Olive Garden site on Mentor Avenue.  Do you know the name of this famous mansion?

8.  She was Mentor's only women mayor and was affectionately known as 'Gramma G' - do you know this visionary's real name?

9.  A Nike Missle site was located in this county city.

10.  This park was the first one to be acquired by newly formed Lake Metroparks in the late 50s.  It has a rich history in UGRR lore and Eber Howe history.

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