Tuesday, January 5, 2016

tempus fugit...tempus mendaci & MMXVI

2016 rang in for me in Port Clinton, Ohio.  The annual Walleye Drop and local madness can now be struck off my wife's bucket list.  For many years I resisted the idea of celebrating New Year's Eve by reeling in the New Year there.  However as I get older, it is apparent that time flies (tempus fugit) but also time lies (tempus mendaci).  It was time to change, to reach outside my margins, to be more spontaneous as my wife preached.

Time - it flies and it drags.  It is precious and it is wasted.  It is a gift and it is a thief.  When I was younger summers whooshed by in a blur.  As a local educator the final five minutes before the dismissal bell lasted an entire geological epoch.  In 2015 the nights seemed longer and the year shorter.  Time - it seemed I had too much of it on my hands and not enough of it in the day.  Time waits for no man / woman, yet supposedly stands still.  The bottom line is " Where did the time go?"  Time has lost all credibility as we start 2016.

Time is a shape-shifter.  The truth is we all have enough time right until the very end.  Time is a constant and time stays.  It is we who pass.  My wish to you in 2016 is the same as always.  May this be your best year ever.  And if you have read my blogs since 2010 I always challenge you each New Year to volunteer at one of Lake County's local historical sites /organizations.  They exist today because the current volunteers continue to pass on that which was passed onto them.  Monetary donations are nice but the gift of time to a local society is the one New Year's Resolution that will genuinely keep on giving and defy 'father' time in the process.

Local Historical Societies with volunteer opportunities include-
Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum / Fairport Harbor Historical Society
Indian Museum in downtown Willoughby
Lake County Historical Society in Painesville
Willoughby Hills Historical Society
Wickliffe Historical Society at Coubly Estate
Kirtland Temple
Downtown Willoughby Welcome Center / History Society

Time concept source - Steve Rushin editorial

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