Monday, August 18, 2014

Remarkable Lake County -- Wickliffe-opoly

As one examines the history of Lake County the familiar communities of Painesville, Willoughby, Kirtland and Mentor garner the most notoriety historically speaking.  Well one small community on the western-most edge of Lake County is a hidden gem when one recalls important facts in American history -- that city is Wickliffe.  See how much you know about Wickliffe in this ten question trivia activity.  Good Luck!

1.  Historic Marker #24-43 pays tribute to this 19th c. English immigrant whose local career began with Pickand Mathers and in time saw him rise to Czar of the Great Lakes with his company Interlake Steamships.  Name this famous Wickliffe resident.

2. The Center for Pastoral Leadership (Borromeo) on Euclid Avenue use to be the grounds of this famous steel (later Republic Steel) magnate whose partner was James Corrigan.  Name him...

3.  He served as mayor of Wickliffe, built Cobblestone Garth and is best known for a nearby castle bearing his name.  Who is this Wickliffe millionaire?

4.  In 1817 these two pioneering families arrived and settled on land near Lloyd Road and Euclid Avenue.  Name either of these first settler families...

5.  Pine Ridge Golf Course occupies the land that once was the estate of this Wickliffe millionaire and steel magnate.  His one time wife was perhaps just as famous in her time.  Name the industrialist...

6.  This Orthodox settlement was originally located in Telz, Lithuania before Nazi occupation forced its move to Wickliffe.  Name the educational institution that now occupies a former Wickliffe estate.

7.  Wickliffe High School is situated on his former estate and his carriage house is currently the BOE building.  Name this famous industrialist who resided in Wickliffe.

8.  Marker #16-43 recalls the 'Spirit of '76' and this Wickliffe personality who lived on the 1910 estate now occupied by Telshe Yeshiva.  Name the young man whose likeness became the famous drummer boy forever etched into American History lore.

9.  She was an international socialite whose 1917 marriage to a Wickliffe industrialist was the start of an unforgettable career that included WWII espionage.  Name her...

10.  He was Wickliffe's first mayor and his estate Couallenby serves as City Hall today.  Name him...

answers-  1.  Harry Coulby  2.  Price McKinney  3.  Fergus Squire   4.  William Jones or Abner C. Tarbell   5.  James Corrigan  6.  Telshe Yeshiva   7.  Frank Rockefeller   8.  Henry Kelsey Devereau
9.  Laura Mae Corrigan  10.  Harry Coulby

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