Monday, June 23, 2014

Remarkable Lake County: Community Names - Then and Now

Names evoke historical curiosity.  From times long past to the present nothing can spark a conversation better than naming something.  Influences can be historical figures, significant events, or quite simply a random selection from out of the blue.  Examples abound when it comes to naming communities.  Often even roadways were named after many of our early county pioneers.  Mentor took its name from mythology.  LeRoy assumed its name from the NY settlers who arrived during the Western Reserve era.  Sometimes even entire municipalities or cities assume a surname.  Turhand Kirtland, a Revolutionary War and Connecticut Land Company figure saw his name used for what is now Kirtland, Ohio.  Capt. Abraham Skinner named his town New Market in 1806, a few years before soon to be Painesville trumped his location.  Today we examine the many names that once were part of our hometown communities.  See how many you know.

1.  The Village of Willoughbeach and Willoughby-on-the-Lake were early names of this current Lake County community.  Name it.

2.  In 1832 Thomas Richmond arrived from New York and settled here.  Hoping to make his fortune on the success of the Erie Canal and railroad boom, it was not to be.  Known as Richmond, it soon passed into the annals of history and is now known as...

3.  Its current name is generally believed to come from its postmaster in 1835.  Previous names for this community included Carlton, Charlton, Chagrin(e) and Abbott's Mill.  Do you know the name?

4.  Officially chartered in 1812 and known as Grandon, it changed its name to this in 1836 and made another name change in 1959.  Do you know this community - once the second largest port on the Lake.

5.  According to records dating back to 1844 this community was known as St. John's Township and Plains in 19th c. county history.  Can you name this community?

6.  Oak Openings and Champion, circa 1805 were two early names of this current county legislative center.  The current name comes from a key historical figure from the past.  Name the community!

7.  Chapintown (1802), Centerville (1811), Ellensburg and Madison Township are all early names of this eastern Lake County community.  Do you know it?

8.  In 1796 it was known as Range 10 Township 9.  Home to many of Cleveland's Millionaire's Row families, today it is known as...

9.  In 1802 it was known as Wilson's Corners, by 1805 this area took the name of a Revolutionary War battlesite, a name that still is used today.  Name the township!

answers- 1. willowick   2.  grand river   3.  willoughby   4.  fairport harbor  5.  eastlake   
6.  painesville  7.  madison   8.  wickliffe  9.  concord

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