Monday, February 24, 2014

Remarkable Lake County: US Route 20

In 1925 the Joint Board of Interstate Highways designated with a '0' a major east-west transcontinental road.  That route was US 20.  Officially declared a federal highway in 1926, US Route 20 became the most important east-west terminus.  Although not continuous, it is the longest road in the US spanning nearly 3365 miles total.  US Route 20 has its origins in Boston, Massachusetts and ends in Newport, Oregon.  It passes thru three major American cities - Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago.  Other well known names on this historic route include Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo NY, and Erie Pennsylvania.

US Route 20 remains mostly intact to this day.  In Ohio, one can start east of Conneaut and travel the roadway to Indiana.  Route 20 is known locally as Mentor Avenue from Painesville to Willoughby, Euclid Avenue into downtown Cleveland, Clifton Blvd into the west side and Center Ridge Road on the far west side of N.E. Ohio.  Other historic names associated with US Route 20 include the Yellowstone Trail, Old Mass Pike, Buffalo Stage Road, and Lake Avenue in the greater Chicago area.

A book release, the third in a series occurred in September 2013.  The title of Michael J. Till's most recent book is 'Along Ohio's Historic Route 20'.  The author has traveled the entire route and gathered pictorial images thru vintage postcards and archival images to record this important piece of Ohio transportation history.  It would be hard to find anyone residing in Lake County who has never driven on Route 20 either behind the wheel or as a passenger.  Till's book pays tribute to another hidden gem in our county's history and is well worth the cost as an addition to your ideal bookshelf.

source-    excerpts from Michael J. Till's three books on US Route 20

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