Monday, December 30, 2013

And in Closing...

Happy New Year, dear followers and first time readers.  Can you believe this is my last blog of 2013?  Where has the year gone?  No one cares about great beginnings.  No cliche exists that says " famous first words."  Some fifty topics ago, the year was just in its infancy.  Mentor was beginning a year long anniversary trek.  Perry was looking towards its milestone dates.  Lake County added another year to its history with unique events in Willoughby, Fairport, and Madison.  Later seemed far off.  Yet later is a sneaky little devil.  It just slipped in and stole all the I was, you were - gonna dos in 2013.  A few days remain to see the nativtity scenes in Historic Kirtland.  Holiday displays still welcome visitors at Lake Metroparks PG and Farmpark sites.  However, if you are not careful 2014 will be in the words of lovable baseball philosopher Yogi Berra 'deja vu all over again.'

All of us have free time during the course of the year.  Some have extra free time over the holidays.  Some have  free time in the spring, summer, or fall months- if not, pencil some in your monthly planner for 2014.  In Lake County, we are surrounded by outstanding parks, museums, and historic dwellings.  Our museums are outstanding venues for generational visits.  Where else can you climb 69 steps in a lighthouse tower and view sunsets, freighters, eagles, and more of Lake Erie's treasures?  Where else can you step back into time and walk the same halls as our one time Lake County resident and US President- James A. Garfield?  Remnants of Millionaires Row await you as you drive thru Wickliffe.  Downtown Willoughby offers so many tid-bits of history that each needs its own section.  From its Indian Museum to its famous ghost stories, Willoughby is well worth the visit.  Many museums offer tours, private and school.  All host unique programming throughout the year.  Hours vary as many are non-profits and manned entirely by volunteers.  Yet many are open late during the year.  Many have weekend hours, and all can accomodate your specific needs and wishes.

Visit Lake County institutions with family, friends in 2014.  Plan a day at a Historic Lake County Alliance site.  Take a winter hike with a camera in our parks.  More importantly consider volunteering at a venue of your choosing.  As another year ends, remember the lessons of the past.  We don't really see the end coming, even though we know it's looming, a great gateway to another year is at hand.  So as 2014 arrives, like the end of another blog, we all have places to be.  May 2014 be your best year yet and hopefully I will see you at all our I -was -gonnas for 2014.

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