Monday, January 7, 2013

Behind the Ropes Tours at Garfield NHS

Some Notable Facts about James A. Garfield
  • James A. Garfield was Western Reserve Eclectic Institute / Hiram College's most famous alumnus.  From 1856-58, he also served the college as a classics instructor and principal.
  • In 1862, Garfield became the Union Army's youngest general.  He was only 32.
  • Garfield purchased the Dickey Farm at 8095 Mentor Avenue in 1876.  Originally the Col. Warren Corning home, c. 1832 it was known as the Mentor Farm before reporters renamed it Lawnfield during Garfield's 1880 Presidential Campaign.
  • Garfield's Family Windmill towers 60 feet above its stone base.  Constructed in 1864 it pumped water into a 500 barrel tank where it was gravity fed into the 300 gallon third floor holding tank to be used throughout the Garfield home accordingly.
  • The 'Porch' in 1880 became the platform for Garfield to greet neighbors and well wishers during his presidential campaign.
  • James A. Garfield was the only President in U.S. history elected to the White House while a sitting member of the House of Representatives.  When elected President in November 1880, he was also a Senator-elect. He never took his seat in the Senate, but instead took the oath of office as 20th President on March 4, 1881.
James A. Garfield occupies a special place in both Presidential and Lake County history.  Beginning January 12 and offered again in subsequent months will be a 'Behind the Ropes Tour' at Garfield's home.  The tour will be unique in that it will allow guests to visit rooms normally not open to the public.  Visitors will also be able to see and handle some of the home's unique artifacts.  The tour begins at 11am and reservations are recommended.

Contact information:  or 440.205.3838

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