Monday, December 17, 2012

Hidden Gems in Historic Downtown Painesville - Gartman Model Bakery and other Local Landmarks

History comes to us in all manners possible.  Quite often the changing landscape and architecture of today makes it difficult to notice the hidden gems from the past.  Last Saturday morning I had the opportunity to frequent some local businesses located in Historic Downtown Painesville.  While on my errands that morning, my wife and I experienced a walk back in time.  Here are four local landmarks worth visiting on your next trip into Painesville.  The building architecture, family owners, and products offered are sure to make a lasting impression.

Gartman Model Bakery -  30 N. State Street
This bakery has been in business since 1898.  Family owned and operated since 1917, this third generation bakery offers 'scratch made' baked goods second to none.  A visit this December will feature truly unique Santa cookies, Gingerbread cookies and houses.  Donuts, cookies and freshly baked bread range from 25 cents to under $2.00.  Notice the bakery interior and old time photos.

Joughin Hardware - 20 S. State Street
Since 1877 this family run hardware store has served the Lake County community.  The building interior alone is worth a visit.  Couple that with every imaginable hardware service or product needed and one will come back time and again.

Nemeth's Lounge - 40 N. State Street
In existence since 1941, this lounge was voted the best non-commercial jukebox site in N.E. Ohio in 2005.  Joe Nemeth hand loads the jukebox himself.  Pithy pins like 'It's hard to be humble when you are from Painesville' adjorn the walls.  A visit here adds another link to the unbroken chain established over eight decades ago.

Bitzer's Furniture - 19 S. Saint Clair
Closed some years ago, this furniture store which began in 1915 is now home to Cards & Games Inc. / Dean's Card Shop.  The original freight elevator inside is worth the visit alone.  The current proprietor has a memorabilia and sporting artifacts collection suitable to all generations.

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