Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Bicentennial Moment: Fairport Personalities

 Two hundred years of history provides many interesting stories to share.  As the year winds down, we have shared many interesting profiles, tid-bits in local history, and factual accounts of Fairport's development.  A program at Harding High on Thursday, September 27th at 7pm will celebrate three Fairport residents who had signature moments in community history. Today we recall two other members worthy of mention.

                                              Edward Rasmussen

Edward was the son of Fairport's most reknown seafaring man Captain N.W. Rasmussen.  In village history, Edward was proprietor of Rasmussen's Restaurant on High Street.  A veteran of a World War, he served four years as a Deputy Sheriff before serving two terms as Sheriff of Lake County.  His tenure as sheriff was significant in that he was the only office holder from the Village in its previous 75 years.

                                             Neal Katila

Neal Katila was born in Fairport and graduated from Harding High.  Neal learned his craft in the old Fairport Publishing House, print shop on Eagle Street.  Neal and his brother Carl launched their printing business located on High Street in 1929.  Their business printed both the Merchant News and Fairport Beacon newspapers thru February 1959.  Other publications of the Neal Printing company included the Harvey yearbook-Harbinger, LEC school newspaper, high school annuals, cookbooks, church commemoratives and such.  While the brothers did provide custom printing and services throughout Lake County it was their affinity to providing local news service and merchant advertising to Fairport that is best remembered.

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