Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Bicentennial Moment: Fairport Harbor Profiles

Each city, village or town has its memorable persons.  Oftentimes athletics, world events, or singular moments allow some to become larger than life and become legendary in the annals of community history.  Fairport Harbor celebrates its bicentennial month of September looking back at some of the local residents who rose to prominence in their chosen professions over the years.  Today's entry pays tribute to three hidden gems in village history. All three women were inducted into the Achievement Hall of Fame at Fairport Harding High.

                                             Jesse Owen Hayduk Winter

From the Fairport Class of '36, this inductee began her journalistic career at the age of 16 as a reporter for the Fairport Beacon.  Upon her graduation from FHS she was a correspondent for the Painesville Telegraph until its closing.  Her career spanned 52 years and her accounts of Lake County events remain as eyewitness testimonies to local history.

                                             Christine (Kapostasy) Jansing

This '74 graduate of the Fairport Harbor schools has a family name well remembered in village annals.  Christine carved out her own legacy and continues to do so in her chosen profession.  After a 17 year run on local TV as a news reporter, she joined NBC Nightly News in 1998.  She has appeared on and contributed segments to the Today Show, Dateline, and MSNBC as well as covering world events.  Her reporting has included notable events in the Middle East, Olympics, Space Shuttle Missions, and even 9/11.        

                                              Christin Zalar

A member of the Class of '73, this  Fairport Harbor graduate was the main consultant in the 1996 Life Flight Eagle Program at George Washington University.  Her contributions revolutionized the field of emergency medicine and transport protocols.  A Professor of Emergency Medicines at GWU, her numerous published books and articles are used today by Life Flight and other emergency personnel.

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