Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bicententennial Moment: Fairport Harbor Remembers...

In the center of Fairport Harbor Memorial Park stands one of the finest honor rolls in the State of Ohio, honoring the heroes of World Wars I and II.  Dedicated on Sunday, November 26, 1944, twenty seven panels, each with evening lighting capability surround this circular memorial.  Name plates are in alphabetical order without rank or title.  As Memorial Day weekend looms, we list and remember the Fairporters who gave their lives for their country.

Fairport Harbor's Roll of Honor

World War I Dead
John E. Cooper                          
Matt Jacobson                            
August M. Luoto                       
Thomas A. Praskis

World War II Dead
Robert G. Aho                     Edwin A. Manninen               Joseph T. Svigel
John B. Bodak                    Donald W. Mattson                 John J. Toth Jr.
Arthur B. Congos               Leighton P. McCormick          Steven Urban
Delmar Gray                       William S. Ode                       Toivo Wasara
Wilho Hill                           David J. Orris
George E. Katila                Adelbert E. Pohto
Albert G. Kiikka                Daniel J. Reboczi
Norman R. Luoma            Arthur R. Sekki
Oswald E. Mackey            Arnold W. M. Stuuri  

Source -  The Story of Fairport - July 1946   No listing is ever 100% complete, if an omission has been made please let us know.  Watch for the names of those Fairporters who served in the Korea, Vietnam, and recent wars on terror.  They will be remembered in a blog this coming November.


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