Monday, April 23, 2012

City of Mentor Prepares to Celebrate 50 years

2012 is the bicentennial year for two area communities.  Fairport Harbor celebrates its 200th year in mid- May, while Chardon will acknowledge its anniversary in late-July.  Following in 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the City of Mentor.  Drive through Mentor and one notices the water tower claims Mentor was settled in 1797 by Charles Parker.  One might even know the name Mentor came from Greek Literature ( as did the city names of Solon, Euclid, and Macedonia).  Mentor Township dates back to 1815.  The year 1855 saw Mentor incorporated as a village.  However, it was December 18, 1963 that saw the City of Mentor come into existence.  Today's blog highlights a few of the events that have shaped Mentor since 1963.  Let's see how many events you recall?

The Mentor Timeline since 1963-
  • 1965    The new Mentor High School opens
  • 1966    Perkins opens on Rt. 615, one of only two eating establishments in the vicinity
  • 1969    Tyler Blvd. opens
  • Population is 39,000
  • 1971    Caterpillar, a 1 million square foot plant opens up
  • 1971    Old Mentor Foundation forms - 102 historic buildings and Old Council Hall saved
  • 1973    Cleveland Museum of Natural History dedicates 619 acres of Mentor Marsh
  • 1980   Mentor acquires Wildwood Estate ( John Oliver summer home) on Little Mountain Rd. and Mentor Recreation Park( former Garfield family member site) on Mentor Ave.
  • Population now exceeds 42,000
  • 1982    Reynolds Road underpass opens
  • 1986    Center Street Mill is razed
  • 1993    Mentor Schools Fine Arts Bldg. opens
  • 1996    City acquires Mentor Lagoons
  • 2004   Heisley Road overpass completed
  • 2005   City purchases Black Brook Golf Course
  • 2008   Population exceeds 53,000 - largest in Lake County
Coming blogs will highlight some of Mentor's early history.  Until then, if you would like to learn more about Mentor's history these books may be found in the public library, local historical societies or about town.

The First 200 Years - 1997 release date
History of Mentor Headlands and Vicinity - 1952 release date
By the Buckeye - 1984 release date
Mentor - A Retrospective  - 1988 release date
Roses to Retail by Barbara Snell Davis - 2010 release date

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