Thursday, November 10, 2011

Local Lore Celebrates 100 - Part Two

Here is a little post 100 blog quiz to test your recall.  Do you remember these 'Local Lore' tid-bits?

1.  Lake County's oldest dwelling, a stone house built on Pierson's Knob in 1841 was once known as the Vineyard House.  Today it is the home of ...
a.  Holden Arboretum  b.  Herb Society of America   c.  Lake Front Lodge   d.  Old Stone Schoolhouse

2.  This little known 1843 relic used during the Civil War may be found on the hill near this famous lighthouse in Fairport Harbor...
a.  H. B. Treat  burial marker   b.  foremast of the U.S. Michigan  c.  underground railroad tunnel entrance  d. Francis USLSS metallic covered lifesaving car

3.  Harry Kelsey Devereau of Wickliffe was the inspiration for the 'drummer boy' in the famous painting "Spirit of '76".  What Perry resident was the model for the 'fifer' in that iconic artwork?
a.  Daniel Beard  b.  Hugh Mosher  c.  Henrik Paine  d. Samuel Butler

4.  Uncle Dan ( Daniel Carter Beard) was celebrated for many things.  Which one was not a Beard contribution...
a.  Boy Scout of America patch  b. Indian Guides founder    c.  Camp Fire Girls founder  d.  Boy Scouts of America co-founder

5.  His original home is located near Big Creek Valley.  He was a noted abolitionist.  He founded the Cleveland Herald.  In 1822 he moved to our county and founded the Painesville Telegraph (1822-1976).  His name was...
a.  Jack Casement  b. Eber Howe  c.  Samuel Huntington  d.  Charles Parker

6.  'Coulallenby' was the name of this Czar of the Great Lakes ( Harry Coulby) estate located in Wickliffe.  What business venture made Harry a member of Millionaire's Row?
a.  Interurban railroad line  b.  Interlake Steamship Company  c.  Cleveland Cliffs Steamship Company    d.  C. P. & A railroad line

7.  In 1802 it was known as Wilson's Corners.  Today Lake County residents know this area as...
a.  Madison Township  b.  Concord Township   c. Timberlake  d.  Waite Hill Township

8.  This medical college located in downtown Willoughby from 1834-47 eventually gave birth to three famous institutions.  Which one is not an offshoot of this union?
a.  Lake Erie College  b.  Andrews-Osborne Academy  c.  CWRU  d. The Ohio State University

9.  Painesville was first named after this famous General?
a.  General Garfield   b.  General Champion   c.  General Richmond   d.  General Skinner

10.  Arabian Horses, Locust Farms, and a Well-Bred Shed are associated with the history of this Lake County park property that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010.  Name it...
a.  Holden Arboretum  b. Lake Farmpark  c. Penitentiary Glen  d.  Erie Shores

11.  Originally known as the Lakeshore Blvd. Estates this organization was responsible for the naming of all streets in what is now known as Timberlake.  Name the organization...
a.  Willoughbeach Association  b.  Hiawatha Club   c.  Willowick Rotary Club   d.  Lake County Toastmasters Club

12.  Willowick has been an eyewitness to history.  Which event is not associated with the city's history?
a.  Nike-Hercules site  b.  Interlake Steamship dock site  c.  Tinkerbelle   d.  G. P. Griffith disaster

13.  Which statement is not true as it relates to Lake County history?
a.  The first Mardi Gras was held in 1939 in Fairport
b.  Mentor was named for a character in Roman history
c.  Painesville Beach State Park (1953) was the original name of what is today known as Headlands State Park (1967)
d.  Four U. S. Presidents have at one time or another given speeches in Lake County.
Answer Key:  As my former students will remember and attest - all the answers are 'B'

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