Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness: LyondellBassell Global Day of Caring touches Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Marine Museum

A December 29, 2010 blog I wrote was titled ' A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep .'  The main theme of that blog was quite simply, resolve to volunteer your time in 2011 to a non profit historical organization.  At the end of the blog I listed members of the Historic Lake County Alliance who would welcome volunteer contributions big or small.  Many of the alliance historical societies are quite small in volunteer numbers and have limited funds to maintain their community collections.  Below you will find the story of one local company who stepped foward  and will make a difference in the community where they live and work.  Lyondellbassell of Fairport Harbor has chosen to commit 21 workers and donated materials on April 9th to help restore, renovate, and preserve the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Marine Museum, a living piece of history since 1825.

Say the word "volunteers needed" and people often turn the other way.  Not Lyondellbassell, they contacted the lighthouse volunteers and asked if they could volunteer and make a difference.  James Hillier, Patti Kowardy, and Danniger Smith visited the lighthouse, committed to the project, shopped for the project supplies and will spearhead a company wide effort to make April 9th a memorable moment in the history of the lighthouse.

Some may donate money but 'time' is the commodity any historical society cherishes.  Lyondellbassell donated over 130 hours in 2010 to the lighthouse.  Their sweat 'equity' saved the lighthouse over $3000, which is 20% of the lighthouse's annual budget.  On April 9th, Lyondellbassell will return to paint the tower steps (69), refurbish a garage, paint the last of the interior museum rooms, assist with seasonal landscaping, tackle brick paver needs, and address outdoor structures exterior painting needs.  Again, their employees sense of 'volunteerism' will allow the lighthouse to be completely refreshed for the first time since 1991. 

Lyondellbassell Global Care Day is April 9th and continues an annual tradition of volunteering.  Lyondellbassell has companies located in Asia (11), Europe (10), North America ( nine U.S. states and Mexico), and South America.  As their employees gather worldwide on the same day, they perform a variety of community projects to show the community that they are important to the company.  The employees and family members at the Fairport Harbor site will work with the local historical society for Global Care Day 2011.  Since 1945, The Fairport Harbor Historical Society has preserved this landmark, provided education on  local marine history and instilled pride in the small village of Fairport Harbor.  On Saturday, Lyondellbassell of Fairport and its employees will help make a difference in the community where they live and work.  Their volunteer hours will be a lasting gift to the FHHS/ lighthouse museum's present and to its future.

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