Monday, February 21, 2011

Lake County Profiles: Marker #23-43 Cora Gaines Carrel

A Historical Marker ( #23-43) is located on Vine Street between Skiff Street and Freeway in downtown Willoughby.  The name appearing on that marker is Cora Gaines Carrel.  She was the first woman to serve on a city council in the State of Ohio.  Appointed by Mayor Josiah Jordan when the 19th Amendement was first enacted, Cora was a much accomplished woman in her lifetime.

Cora Gaines Carrel began her celebrated career as a late nineteenth -early twentieth century schoolteacher.  In 1901, her book of poems, Buckeye Ballads hailed Ohio's centennial.  She was a member of the suffrage movement leading up to the 19th Amendment.  As mentioned earlier, she was then appointed the first woman to serve on a city council in Ohio.  Cora served from January 1921 through December 1924.  While in office, she pioneered the causes of city planning and zoning ordinances.  Following her tenure as a city official she became President of The Cleveland Press Club and The Cleveland Women's City Club.

As one turns the pages in  Remarkable Ohio's history, it is interesting to note that two women from Lake County made the annals of U.S. political history at roughly the same time with their appointments.  Cora Gaines Carrel of Willoughby is the featured tribute today.  Soon to follow is a former 20th c. Fairport resident who also garnered national attention during the same era.

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