Thursday, January 6, 2011

Historic Markers Dot Lake County, Roadways of Days Past

Currently 1346 historic markers may be found state-wide.  From John Morgan's infamous Civil War raid to the birthplaces of Clark Cable and Dean Martin, these markers have helped transform the state's landscape into a constellation of alluring people, places and events.  Twenty-six of Ohio's historic markers can be found in Lake County.  Each marker has been researched quite extensively.  Each provides a brief synopsis of the famous fact, year of induction, city and sponsoring organization.  Each is numbered.  The first number is our county       ( 43 ) and the second number denotes its county rank (-1 ).

Of the twenty-six markers currently found in Lake County, two commemorate  historic districts.  They are the Mentor Avenue Historic District (43-10) and Mormon Community (43-21).  Eight historic markers note famous buildings.  The Uri Seeley House (43-25) found in Painesville Township tells the story of this famous settler and abolitionist.  Another was the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Station (43-18).  It was later known as the Painesville Station.  Madison Township's Olde Tavern of Unionville became marker #43-13 in 2001.

Seven people and nine other sites comprise the remaining markers.  Two Lake county residents of note were Cora Gaines Carrel(43-23) and Harry Coulby (43-24).  Carrel was Ohio's first city councilwoman and resided in Willoughby.  Coubly was a shipping 'czar' and the first mayor of Wickliffe.  His home still stands today and is the home of city administration.  Mariners may find marker #43-9 in Willowick of interest.  It tells the story of the sinking of the Griffith. Indian Point (43-27) in LeRoy Township become an official site in 2009.

Each marker mentioned and those marker stories yet to be told are living histories of our county.  Each marker is a vital educational tool.  It is a 'roadway' you can explore in person.  If the travel is too difficult, then navigate your computer mouse to, a virtual tour is just a click away.

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